Friday, August 24, 2012


York participated in 26 climbs and has conquered 21 mountains:

 Mts. Romelo, Pico de Loro (3), Gulugod Baboy (2), Batulao (2), Gola, Bagong Bali, Manalmon, Maculot (2), Hibok Hibok, Pundaquit, Manabu, Samat, Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Banoi, Humarap, Tangisan and Talamitam

Mts. Arayat Traverse, Pulag and Damas

BP York on top of Luzon: Mt. Pulag
'BP boys, BP boys, who is the most gentleman of them all?' My answer would be this next BACKPACKER who is the David of the David and Goliath tandem. He is a hardworker and has life principles that can never be bent. An Aquarian who is willing to sacrifice his personal happiness for the satisfaction of the people he loves. According to him, he is not rich or goodlooking, but he is contented as long as his friends are okay. Regardless of the serious outlook, this BACKPACKER can be as wacky as the others that will instantly transform dull moments into memorable exchanges of jokes and laughters. The guy next door who can titillate a girl with his depth.

York is serving as The BACKPACKERS Vice from 2014 up to present.

BP York in Mt. Arayat's White Rock

York's favorite mountains are Mt. Hibok Hibok, Mt. Pico de Loro and Mt. Batulao

York in Mt. Pico de Loro way back when he still had his long curly hair
Concentrating at one of Mt. Batulao's peaks
York at the White Peak of Mt. Arayat
Standing at the rocks of Mt. Gola
York's first conquered Mindanao mountain: Mt. Hibok Hibok
Traversing Mt. Pundaquit heading Anawangin Cove
At Mt. Tangisan's view deck

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