Sunday, November 25, 2012


Alexi participated in 15 climbs and has conquered 15 mountains: 

 Mts. Manalmon, Daguldol, Anawangin Hill, Capones Hill, Talamitam, Sembrano, Maculot, Humarap, Gulugod Baboy, Osmena Peak, Tagapo and Mabilog

Mts. Tapulao, Ugu and Damas

Alexi has also participated in one of the great Cordillera traverses where she traversed to 23 more mountains: Mts. Komunal, Kabilisan, Indupit, Yabnong, Bundao, Samiento, Sad-ngat, Sabuyak, Bauwek, Carao, Sadel, Pagal, Bakuyan, Pigingan, Yabis, Timal, Sawmill, Bukol, Badjao, Sadjatan, Anawang, Letbek and Busdi

BP Alexi at Mt. Maculot, beside her is Taal Lake

Bianca, or Alexi, is an adorable, fun loving and sweet person who is great to be with. She is free spirited and always resonates happiness whenever you see her. She is the first ever The BACKPACKERS Adventures website fan who became an official BACKPACKER! She started inquiring about our climbs, and eventually joined in Mt. Talamitam and later got inducted in the challenging Mt. Tapulao where she proved her being high spirited can also be her charm in the outdoors. There is just never a dull moment with Alexi. 

Alexi was inducted in Mt. Tapulao and is part of The BACKPACKERS Batch 5.

At the grasslands of Mt. Talamitam
View along the trail of Mt. Tapulao
Mt. Ugu traverse challenge!
Conquering Osmena Peak in Cebu!

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