Monday, April 22, 2013


Wilson participated in 36 climbs and has conquered 19 mountains: 

 Mts. Tagapo (4), Sembrano, Makiling, Batulao (3), Banoi, Talamitam, Maculot (6), Manalmon (3), Romelo (2), Pico de Loro (3), Marami, Humalophop and Damas

Mts. Makiling Traverse, Tapulao, Cristobal Traverse (2), Apo, Ugu, Humalophop and Damas

Wilson has also participated in one of the great Cordillera traverses where he traversed to 23 more mountains: Mts. Komunal, Kabilisan, Indupit, Yabnong, Bundao, Samiento, Sad-ngat, Sabuyak, Bauwek, Carao, Sadel, Pagal, Bakuyan, Pigingan, Yabis, Timal, Sawmill, Bukol, Badjao, Sadjatan, Anawang, Letbek and Busdi

At Mt. Ugu summit marker

He is known as our "Daddy Wil" who happens to also be one of the providers of "wheels" in some of our adventures. This big guy might intimidate you for his serious looks, but he is actually a dependable friend especially in the outdoors. He has completed a Wilderness Survival training course and has been since our group's official medic. A businessman, good in navigation, outspoken, straight and direct to the point, one who seldom pose in front of a camera, that's the Daddy Wil that we love! And did I mention that he supplies us with his wide selection of wines during parties?

Wilson was inducted in Mt. Ugu and is part of The BACKPACKERS Batch 6.

BP Wilson at the boulders of PH's highest: Mt. Apo
Filling up his canteen during our Mt. Pico de Loro traverse dayhike
 Traversing Mt. Batulao
BP Wilson at Batya Batya Falls of Mt. Romelo

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