Monday, April 22, 2013


Mau participated in 28 climbs and has conquered  19 mountains: 

 Mts. Maculot (2), Pico de Loro (2), Samat (2), Batulao (3), Manabu, Sembrano, Pundaquit, Talamitam (2), Tagapo (2), Humarap (3), Ampacao, Bungkol Baka, Daguldol, Tangisan, Balagbag and Gulugod Baboy 

Mts. Pulag, Ugu and Damas

Mau has also participated in one of the great Cordillera traverses where he traversed to 23 more mountains: Mts. Komunal, Kabilisan, Indupit, Yabnong, Bundao, Samiento, Sad-ngat, Sabuyak, Bauwek, Carao, Sadel, Pagal, Bakuyan, Pigingan, Yabis, Timal, Sawmill, Bukol, Badjao, Sadjatan, Anawang, Letbek and Busdi

Jump shot at Mt. Batulao
Perhaps the most artistic and creative BACKPACKER, that's Mau! He has been climbing mountains since college. The difference is, he climbs with style! Truly one of the most fashionable person in the group, Mau is also a reliable friend who loves to party either in the metropolis or in the mountains. He is notorious for being the lead of The Shoulderbaggers - a spin off of The BACKPACKERS. But in May of 2013, he became an official BP. With all his talent, abilities and creativity, he is one great addition to our family! A proud family guy himself, this guy will never let you down.

Mau was inducted in Mt. Ugu and is part of The BACKPACKERS Batch 6.

Mau along the traverse trail of Mt. Ugu
Enjoying the Mt. Tangisan view deck
Mau in Mt. Balagbag
Mau on top of Mt. Damas

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