Friday, August 24, 2012


Angel participated in 36 climbs and has conquered 27 mountains: 

 Mts. Bituin, Gordon, Pundaquit, Tagapo (2), Marami, Gola, Bagong Bali, Manalmon (3), Maculot (2), Bungkol Baka, Hibok Hibok, Pico de Loro (3), Manabu, Samat, Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Talamitam, Sembrano, Banoi, Humarap, Tangisan and Pinagbanderahan

Mts. Tarak (2), Cristobal Traverse (2), Pulag (2), Humalophop and Damas

BP Angel in Nagsasa Cove during our San Antonio, Zambales escapade

The next BACKPACKER is the equally charming GF of our lead. All along she said she thought she would just be known as the ‘first lady’ but she was very overwhelmed when she became an official BACKPACKER during the induction rite at the viewdeck of Mt. Tarak. A sweet and loveable girl but mind you, she has a lot of antics up her sleeves that can bring you laughing your heart out with her humor and ‘kakulitan’. Don’t judge the book by its cover, because she can be a tough cookie and can lead in the jungle too, as what the group saw when we got lost in the jungle of Mt. Maculot.

BP Angel in Mt. Sto Tomas

Angel's first overnight climb is in Mt. Tagapo, but she day trekked Mt. Bituin and Mt. Gordon before that.

Angel's first peak with The BACKPACKERS: Mt. Gola
Completing the Three Peaks Challenge: Mt. Manalmon summit!
At Mt. Maculot Resbak Climb
During her Induction Climb at Mt. Tarak
Ready to assault the summit of Mt. Bungkol Baka!
Angel's first Mindanao mountain: Mt. Hibok Hibok!
Relaxing at Mt. Tagapo's summit
During a rainy climb in Mt. Tangisan
Behind her is the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao
BP Angel on top of Mt. Damas

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