Friday, August 24, 2012


Conts participated in 21 climbs and has conquered 18 mountains:

 Mts. Romelo, Gulugod Baboy (2), Batulao, Gola, Bagong Bali, Manalmon (2), Maculot, Pico de Loro (2), Manabu, Balagbag, Sto Tomas, Cabuyao and Talamitam

Mts. Arayat Traverse, Tarak, Pulag, Ugu and Humalophop

Conts has also participated in one of the great Cordillera traverses where she traversed to 23 more mountains: Mts. Komunal, Kabilisan, Indupit, Yabnong, Bundao, Samiento, Sad-ngat, Sabuyak, Bauwek, Carao, Sadel, Pagal, Bakuyan, Pigingan, Yabis, Timal, Sawmill, Bukol, Badjao, Sadjatan, Anawang, Letbek and Busdi

BP Conts on top of Luzon: Mt. Pulag
If sexy is in your vocabulary, then try this next BACKPACKER. Even though she is a self confessed introvert, that won’t stop her from going extreme and conquering the outdoors. As a matter of fact, she is always vocal about her love for climbing because of her experience in BP’s first official climb: Mt. Gulugod Baboy. She may be serious 80% of the time but once she unleashes the fun and comedienne in her, she will give you that FHM pose that you will never forget..or those lines like, This guy is the reason why I graduated.. Her seriousness and being sometimes strict are a great contrast because she imposes discipline to any deviant member of the group to prevent any unlikely actions.

BP Conts in her signature jump shot at Nagsasa Cove

Conts' favorite mountain is Mt. Gulugod Baboy.

Find out why! 
Check out the group's first climb at Mt. Gulugod Baboy:

Conts atop Mt. Gulugod Baboy with the majestic sunrise in the horizon
Spotting a plane, Conts at Mt. Batulao summit
Firing up for her first major climb - Mt. Arayat Traverse!
Completing the Three Peaks Challenge - Mt. Manalmon!
Conts in Mt. Gola
Adoring the scenery at Mt. Tarak
Mt. Ugu Nueva Vizcaya - Benguet traverse!
Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao
Halfway through in our Mt. Humalophop in Ifugao

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