Friday, August 24, 2012


Percy participated in 34 climbs and has conquered 23 mountains: 

 Mts. Pico de Loro, Manabu, Balagbag, Samat and Gulugod Baboy

Mt. Cristobal Traverse

BP Percy holding a puffer fish in Sombrero Island

As a typical boy, Percy got tired of the usual city life. He wanted to try something new, go to places he's never been to.

 "When I received the invitation to join the climb [in] October, going to Mt. Pico de Loro, I accepted it right away."

He was invited by members Clue and Ivan to join the friendship climb last November when the group conquered Mt. Pico de Loro. That was his first climb and his first exposure in the mountains. From there, he developed deep interest in mountaineering.

BP Percy during our Bataan Summer Escapade

Percy's first climb is Mt. Pico de Loro. 

Percy's first climb with The BACKPACKERS was at Mt. Pico de Loro
At the campsite of Mt. Manabu
Climbing the mossy trees of Mt. Cristobal
Stopping for a rest at Mt. Balagbag

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