Friday, August 24, 2012


DeePee participated in 17 climbs and has conquered 16 mountains: 

 Mts. Gulugod Baboy (2), Maculot, Bungkol Baka, Hibok Hibok, Pico de Loro, Manabu, Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Humarap, Tangisan and Balagbag

Mts. Arayat Traverse, Tarak, Pulag, Ugu and Humalophop

DeePee has also participated in one of the great Cordillera traverses where he traversed to 23 more mountains: Mts. Komunal, Kabilisan, Indupit, Yabnong, Bundao, Samiento, Sad-ngat, Sabuyak, Bauwek, Carao, Sadel, Pagal, Bakuyan, Pigingan, Yabis, Timal, Sawmill, Bukol, Badjao, Sadjatan, Anawang, Letbek and Busdi

BP DeePee in Mt. Sto Tomas in Tuba, Benguet
He’s tall, dark and handsome - aka Derek Ramsay of BP. This next BACKPACKER was never a fan of the outdoors until he was invited to join a late party at the group’s official first climb, Mt. Gulugod Baboy. As a matter of fact, he was sweating like hell during the level 2 mountain’s assault. But it never stopped him to seize the moment and spend quality time with the group over the next scheduled backpacking trips. A true friend and a true gentleman, he is mature not just in age but also in his outlook in life.

BP DeePee in Mt. Manabu

DeePee's favorite mountains are Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Gulugod Baboy and Mt. Hibok Hibok

DeePee's first climb was a night trek to Mt. Gulugod Baboy
DeePee's second climb? A major climb in Mt. Arayat! Arayatrav!
His first conquered Mindanao mountain: Mt. Hibok Hibok
Deepee's birthday shot on top of Mt. Humarap
BP DeePee at Mt. Ugu summit marker
DeePee in Mt. Tangisan
DeePee in Mt. Balagbag

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