Friday, August 24, 2012


Chons participated in 20 climbs and has conquered 16 mountains: 

 Mts. Tagapo (5), Pico de Loro, Manabu, Balagbag, Samat, Makiling, Sto Tomas, Cabuyao, Gulugod Baboy, Talamitam, Sembrano, Banoi, Batulao and Maculot

Mts. Cristobal Traverse and Pulag

BP Chons on top of Luzon: Mt. Pulag

Chons is a nature lover. Mountains have caught her special attention and that's where she derived the passion to conquer them.

"I love nature,  I love God's creation. I want to be in group of people who has the same interest as me. No matter who they are, where they came from as long as we have the same interest and passion, I strongly believe we will be come ONE."

Just like what an ancient principle says about common interest which binds people, The BACKPACKERS got the opportunity to meet this young lady thru social networking: FACEBOOK. Chons had contact with Mon, the BP member who invited her to join the climb in Mt. Pico de Loro November of 2011. Upon invite, Chons was not hesitant to accept the invitation and that started her interaction with the BP.

"I don't know Mon that time. We just chat and tell our common interest (climbing/trekking), then he told me that he can invite me on their next climb. I was so excited coz that time I was searching for a group. I already emailed 3 groups of mountaineers and unfortunately nobody responded. Maybe because Im for BP. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BP!"

BP Chons in Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Chons' first climb with The BACKPACKERS was at Mt. Pico de Loro
Chons at Mt. Manabu
Induction Climb of Chons at Mt. Cristobal
Chons in Mt. Balagbag
Mt. Pulag: on top of Luzon!
Chons jump for joy at Mt. Tagapo
Traversing Mt. Batulao 

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