Friday, August 24, 2012


Des participated in 16 climbs and has conquered 16 mountains: 

 Mts. Tapyas, another Coron mountain, Cape Engano via Lagunzad Trail, Puting Lupa, Makiling, Pundaquit, Samat, Santo Tomas, Cabuyao and Talamitam

Mts. Banahaw and Pulag

Des has also participated in 4 international climbs:  Mt Tsukuba, Mt. Nasoko, Mt. Omoto and the Japanese Alps in Iiyama City in Japan

Greetings from Mt. Tsukuba, Japan!

An environmental advocate, BACKPACKER Des is a marine ecologist by profession. Because of this, she is always out for water related activities and has enjoyed scuba diving, swimming etc. She first joined The BACKPACKERS during Mt. Pundaquit traverse and was eventually inducted on May 2012 atop Luzon's highest, Mt. Pulag. She loves reading books and watching movies. She is most impressed by how bonded The BACKPACKERS has become amidst the challenges and obstacles that the group has faced. Come October 2012, she will temporarily leave BP and the country to pursue a scholarship in Japan. These and her unbending optimism and spirit and love for her country will surely propel her to greater heights! Good luck to your endeavor and we are always here for you, Des!

Des' favorite mountains are, Mt. Pulag and Mt. Tapyas. One of her favorite trails is the Lagunzad Trail to Cape Engano in Cagayan.

BP Des on top of Luzon: Mt. Pulag summit

Long before the BP days - Desiree in Mt. Puting Lupa
BP Des' favorite trail: Lagunzad trail to Cape Engano in Palaui Island, Cagayan
BP Des inside the cross on top of Mt. Samat
Des' first climb with The BACKPACKERS: Mt. Pundaquit
A colorful morning in Mt. Sto Tomas
Over the plains and clouds at Mt. Talamitam
Moshi moshi! At the foot of Mt. Nikko-Shirane in Japan!
BP Desiree exploring Ishigakijima Limestone Cave, Japan
Greetings from the Japanese alps!


  1. She has also climbed Mt. Tsukuba now!

  2. Hmnnn....Challenge Mt. Apo and Mt. Kota Kinabalu

  3. I conquered it already!! Yaaay...I wish you were with was indeed a learning experience for me !!